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Hello and welcome! I am an Anglo-American narrator with a particular passion for historical fiction, time travel, children’s books and biographies. A versatile actor, I love to bring a wide range of characters to life. Also on offer are cover designs and promo videos. Reasonable and flexible rates for high quality work. Have a wander, explore my work and feel free to get in touch…


From “Good Story Beautifully Read ~
A Just And Upright Man provides an exceptional look into 18th century England with plenty of detail into everything from living conditions of peasants, property law, criminal law,marriage customs, and laws and customs regarding women, much of which can be disturbing to modern sensibilities. The characters are well-drawn, even if the mystery is predictable and anti-climactic. The narrator, Deborah Greenfield, is amazing. She has such a range of voice that I felt I was in the same room with the characters. I had no problem understanding the authentic northern accent. It is beautifully read.”

From “A beautiful book, beautifully read ~
This is a superb, touching and disturbing novel about forced sterilisation, the American eugenics movement and so much more. It is infused nonetheless with a subtle humour which shines out of the wonderfully crafted dialogue. All of this is brought out perfectly by Deborah Greenfield’s deft narration, alive to every nuance of the language and moving effortlessly from one character – and dialect- to another. She picks up all the different moods which the book (based on a true story) evokes as we move through Carrie’s experiences and her encounters with Ben and Louisa and the transformation of their own lives. The listening experience is both dark and hilarious at the same time. Thoroughly recommended.”

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